To get started with using your cloud, we introduce Horizon, OpenStack’s dashboard. It is accessible through a web browser and allows a user to interact with the cloud. As an administrator, most of the cloud can be managed this way.

How to Log in to Horizon

The Horizon administrator password is present in a file within the cloud itself. This section walks you through the steps required to obtain this password.

Step 1: Log in to OpenMetal Central

To get started, navigate to OpenMetal Central and log in.

Figure 1: OpenMetal Central Login Page

Step 2: Navigate to Cloud’s Details Page

Click Manage to the right for the cloud you’re working with to load this cloud’s details page.

Figure 2: Cloud List

Step 3: Load Horizon URL

Next, navigate to the Horizon link within the left sidebar located as the last item in the list.

Figure 3: Horizon URL Location

Step 4: SSH into a Hardware Node, Obtain Horizon Password

During cloud creation, your SSH public key was added to each hardware node. With this key, you are able to log in as root using SSH. To SSH in, ensure you have one node’s IP address and the private key on the system you use to access your cloud. To find your cloud’s hardware node IP addresses, click Assets on the cloud’s details page.

Figure 4: Assets Page

The IP address for each node is listed under the Public IP column. You can SSH into any of the nodes for this step. Select an IP from this list, then use SSH to log in.

Requirements to SSH into a node

To SSH into a hardware node, ensure these requirements are met:

  • Username: root
  • Authentication: SSH key pair
  • IP address of a hardware node

As an example, we demonstrate using SSH to log in to the first hardware node, located by The SSH key file for this example is ~/.ssh/id_rsa. Ensure you specify the appropriate key and IP address for this step.

For example:

$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa root@

Once logged in, search for keystone_admin_password inside of /etc/kolla/passwords.yml.

For example:

# grep keystone_admin_password /etc/kolla/passwords.yml
keystone_admin_password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Step 5: Log in to Horizon

You can now log in to Horizon using the credentials obtained from the previous section. The username for the Horizon administrator account is admin.

Figure 5: Horizon Login Page

When you log in to Horizon, your dashboard appears similar to the following:

Figure 6: Horizon Dashboard