To get started using your Private Cloud Core OpenStack cloud, you will log in to Horizon. Horizon is a web-based interface used to administer OpenStack services, also known as OpenStack’s dashboard. This is where you will do everything in OpenStack from making an instance, creating networks, managing your users and projects, and so on. This guide explains how to obtain the Horizon user credentials needed to log in.

To learn more about Horizon, see OpenStack’s documentation.

How to Log in to Horizon

Step 1Login to Flex Metal Central

To get started, login to Flex Metal Central

The landing page appears this way:


Step 2Navigate to Cloud

Once logged in, click on the cloud you are working with to navigate to that cloud’s details page.


Step 3Access Horizon

Next, find and click the Horizon link on the left sidebar. It will be the last item in the list.

Horizon link:

Clicking this link will load the Horizon login page.


Step 4How to obtain the Horizon password

Next, you need to acquire the Horizon administrator password from one of the cloud’s hardware nodes.

Initially, you will login to Horizon with the administrator account. The administrator account’s username is admin.

Next, you will need to obtain the password for the admin account. The password is stored in a text file called /etc/kolla/passwords.yml on each hardware node.

To acquire the password use SSH to access a hardware node, then within /etc/kolla/passwords.yml, find the entry labeled keystone_admin_password. The file stores information in a “key: value” format, so the password will be the second entry on that line.


Step 5SSH into a hardware node

During cloud setup, you uploaded your SSH public key. This key exists on each hardware node and allows you to login to each node using SSH.

To SSH in, ensure you have one node’s IP address, and the private key on the system you will use to access your cloud.

Requirements to SSH into a node:

  • Username, which is root
  • Authentication is with SSH keys
  • An IP address of a hardware node

Here’s an example command used to SSH in assuming ~/.ssh/YOUR_KEY is the path to your private key and a hardware node IP is

$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/YOUR_KEY root@


Step 6Obtain Horizon password

Once logged in, search for keystone_admin_password inside of /etc/kolla/passwords.yml.

For example:

# grep keystone_admin_password /etc/kolla/passwords.yml
keystone_admin_password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Step 7 — Access Horizon

You can now login to Horizon using the credentials obtained from the previous sections.

Horizon Login:

Enter in the credentials into the Horizon login page to login.

Once logged in, you should see something similar to:

Initial Horizon login:


Next Steps

This guide serves as an entry point for the Operator’s Manual. From here, the documentation for Day 1 splits into either how to create OpenStack components using Horizon or through the command line with OpenStackClient.

To get started with the Horizon guides for Day 1, see the Managing OpenStack Users, Groups and Projects guide.

To learn how to install and prepare OpenStackClient, see the Introduction to OpenStackClient guide.