In this guide, you will learn how to enable Central Logging using Kolla Ansible. Enabling central logging will collect all OpenStack logs in one location using ElasticSearch and Kibana.

Note! — Before following the instruction in this guide, ensure you understand how to work with Kolla Ansible.



Step 1 — Make needed adjustments

To enable central logging, modify /etc/kolla/globals.yml.

Within /etc/kolla/globals.yml change:

enable_central_logging: 'no'


enable_central_logging: 'yes'


Step 2 — Perform the Kolla Ansible reconfigure run

To perform the run, use:

kolla-ansible -i /etc/fm-deploy/kolla-ansible-inventory reconfigure

Obtain Credentials and Access Kibana Dashboard

With these steps successfully run, central logging is enabled courtesy of ElasticSearch and Kibana.

To access the Kibana dashboard you will need credentials to login first.

Step 1 — Obtain Kibana password

On any of the hardware nodes, find the file /etc/kolla/passwords.yml and search for “kibana” to find the password:

# grep kibana /etc/kolla/passwords.yml


Step 2 — Login to Kibana

To login to Kibana, make a request for the Horizon IP over port 5601.

For example:

The username to login is kibana.

Enter the password obtained and you will be in the Kibana dashboard.