In OpenStack, you can create users, groups, and projects. Users have access to projects with which they are associated. Groups are collections of users. Projects are a way to create isolated OpenStack environments, in which cloud components can be created and yet be separate from one another. These concepts may be useful to those who wish to control access to their cloud and are a way to organize an OpenStack cloud.

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to create users, add those users to groups, and create and assign users and groups to a project using Horizon.

Create and Manage Users

When you start using OpenStack there is only the administrator user. You can think of this as the user “root” in a Linux environment. It has full privileges to the system. Due to this user having full privileges and that there is a chance to cause harm to a system with this user, it is suggested additional users be created as needed. The administrator user should typically be used only for tasks where that level of access is needed.

New OpenStack users can be created using Horizon. To create a new user, first ensure you are logged in as an administrator user. Typically, this is the user admin if you are just getting started.

Once logged in to Horizon, look for the section called Identity, then locate and click the Users link under that. This will bring up the page where users can be created.

OpenStack Users:


To make a new user, first click the Create User button near the top right to bring up the user creation form.

At minimum, you will need to enter a User Name and Password to create the user. In addition, an Email should be set as well.

All users have to be associated with a project, so choose the Primary Project this user will be assigned to.

Finally, select an appropriate Role for this user. Typically, the role of member is sufficient, however you can also assign the admin role. The admin role gives a user administrator access. In addition, custom roles can be created and assigned.

Create a User form:


With the user created, you should see it in the listing of users now.

User listing:


Create and Manage Groups

Groups in OpenStack are collections of Users. These can be assigned to projects and make it easier to assign a grouping of users.

To make a group, you will need to start with logging into to Horizon with an administrator account.

From there, on the left, find the Identity tab, then find the Groups tab within that. Following this will take you to the section where groups in OpenStack can be managed.

The following is a screenshot of how the Groups page will appear.

Group listing:

Next, find the Create Group button near the top right. This will load the form needed to create a group.

Create group:

Fill in the Name of the group and, optionally, a Description. Once the form has been submitted, the group will be created.

Add Users to a Group Using Horizon

Now that a group has been made, users can be added to it.

To add users, pull up the listing of Groups in OpenStack first.

From there, find the group you are working with, and click Manage Members in the far right Actions column.

Manage Members:


Clicking Manage Members will pull up another page.

Manage Members, page 2:


To add users, click the Add Users button near the top right.

A new form will appear providing a list of users that can be added.

Manage Members -> Add Users Form:


Create and Manage Projects

As an OpenStack administrator, it is typically advised that projects be created for specific uses. For example, you may want a project for development purposes, or need one for a specific department in your organization.

NOTE! — Projects can only be created by OpenStack accounts with the admin role.

This section will demonstrate how to create and manage projects using Horizon.

To create a project, you will want to start with being logged into Horizon as an administrator account.

On the left, look for the section called Identity, then click on the Projects link under that. This page is where projects in OpenStack are managed.

To make a new project, say for the Engineering team in this example, find and click the Create Project button near the top right.

Create Project:


A form will display where the project’s details will be needed.

Create Project Form:

On the first tab, enter a Name and a Description for the project.

The second tab, Project Members, allows you to add and remove members to this project. Here is where you will add the needed users to this project.

Create Project Form, page 2:


Finally, the third tab has to do with adding groups to this project. If you have a group to add, this is where it will be done.

Create Project Form, page 3:


Once all the details are filled in, click the Create Project button to create the project.

You should see the newly created project listed under the Projects page.

Engineering project created:


Next Steps

The next guide explains how to create networks using Horizon in OpenStack.