This guide stores miscellaneous information and may be useful, however the information in this guide is not needed to go through setting up the cloud.


Associate an instance with a private network

This section will explain how to take an instance created on the provider network and associate that with a private network. This may not be a very common task assuming an instance was created on the appropriate network to begin with.

In the event an instance was created but on the wrong network, you can have it associated with another network.

In Horizon, pull up the listing on instances under the Compute heading on the left, then find Instances under that. Find the instance you’re working with then from the dropdown on the far right, choose the Attach Interface option.

Attach Interface:

Under the Network dropdown choose the appropriate network. This example will choose the network.

Attach Interface form:

With that done, the instance is now associated with two networks. To finish moving the instance to the new network, use the same drop down in the instance listing page to detach an interface. Locate the option called Detach Interface, then choose the network from the drop down and submit the form to remove it.