Day 1

  1. Getting Started

Horizon Guides

  1. Managing OpenStack Users, Groups and Projects
  2. Networking in OpenStack
  3. Working with Images
  4. How to Create an Instance
  5. Backups

Command Line Guides

  1. Introduction to OpenStackClient
  2. Managing OpenStack Users, Groups and Projects using the Command Line
  3. Create a Network
  4. Manage OpenStack Images
  5. Create an Instance
  6. Managing Backups in OpenStack

Day 2

  1. Ceph, Cinder, and Swift
  2. Common Ceph CLI Commands
  3. Information on Ceph Data Durability
  4. Common OpenStack CLI Commands

Day 3

  1. Backing up Your Data
  2. How to Handle a Failed Control Plane Node
  3. Create OpenStack Configuration Backups
  4. OpenStack Failure Scenarios

Day 4

  1. OpenStack Hardware Node Maintenance
  2. Add Additional Provider IP Blocks
  3. Add and Remove Hardware Nodes
  4. How to Prepare and Use Kolla Ansible
  5. Enable TLS using Kolla-ansible
  6. Enable Central Logging using Kolla-ansible
  7. Automate OpenStack using Terraform